What the … VEGAN?!

So. Here’s something I would have never imagined – me becoming a vegan. But wait, there’s more. It’s my bf AND I becoming vegan. And starting a blog. What the f***?!

Exactly two weeks ago, my bf and I decided to go vegan. Let me tell you this, we were not the type of people who would have been voted “most likely to become vegan”. I’m from Poland and our cuisine is purely meat based and Kevin, being French, comes from a country well-known for its love of butter and cheese. What is more, we are currently in France visiting Kevin’s family, eating pain au chocolat and camembert is sort of expected. With our cultural background, personal preferences and being guests it did not seem likely we would suddenly drastically change our diet.

However, over the past to weeks we have managed to keep to a plant-based diet. During this time, we’ve had so many experiences, changes and funny stories that we thought we’d share them with others. This blog is not intended to convince you to become vegan (but if it does, we’re happy for you!) it is just one couple’s story of being vege newbies.

We’ll get this thing started start with the how and why we decided to change our lifestyle.

SUNDAY 23 July 2017 – Etienville (I think) FRANCE 

It’s cheat day. Well, second cheat day.

Cheat days were something my bf Kevin suggested to help us get into better shape. He would be responsible for the food plan during the weekdays (which meant healthy food and no sugar) but weekends I could go crazy and we could gorge ourselves on candy and junk food.

We are at Kevin’s parents’ home in Normandy but they just left for the weekend to stay with some friends so we had the house to ourselves. We hit the nearest supermarket – bought a ton of food and opted to make some of our favorites for this cheat weekend instead of eating out. Saturday we ate my spaghetti Bolognese (made from scratch!) and consumed a crazy amount of nougat bars, crunchy’s and followed all that with some Haagen Dazs and today we had leftovers and Kevin made my favorite – ribs. As we sat down to an amazing lunch of ribs and some salad we fired up Netflix to put on a movie to our meal. The day before we watched a pretty cool documentary about minimalism so keeping up with our docu-streak I suggested WHAT THE HEALTH. Kevin is very into healthy eating and exercise so this documentary sounded perfect. Didn’t suspect this one movie could change so much.

In the hour and thirty minutes of WHAT THE HEALTH we gradually became more and more depressed and frustrated. Red meat is bad. Chicken – not really good for you either. Eggs? Forget about it! Milk is just “baby cow growth fluid” and fish cannot be recommended either. In horror we realized this documentary is one by one stripping us of our usual anti-veganism arguments as well as convincingly presenting the drawbacks of consuming animal products. Eating ribs and then cheese while watching WHAT THE HEALTH in hindsight does not seem like a good idea. As we lost our appetite all we wanted to know what the hell we SHOULD eat in order not to kill ourselves and our planet. And the answer was given. After listening to the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet – we were convinced.

Both Kevin and I feel strongly about the environment. I think for us, this was the deciding straw. Seeing how much man is hurting the planet just by eating so much red meat and overfishing; We wanted to do something for the environment before watching WHAT THE HEALTH, it wasn’t necessarily a new idea for us – but we certainly didn’t expect to help it by going vegan!

Two eventful weeks have passed. We want to continue with our new lifestyle and see where it takes us. It’s funny how on one of our first dates I said how I could never be vegan, how cheese is life and Kevin wholeheartedly agreed, swearing he’d never go off meat. But here we are now!

Hope you liked our first post and come back for more news from this vegan duo!

And if you’re interested in the documentary that brought these two meat lovers to the veggie side here’s a useful link: http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com/



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